Everything what you need to know about classy color combos 

Basic rules

Like all graphic designers I am a true color lover. However when it comes to my apparel, I stick to neutral palette with splashes of color. At the end my goal is to look classy and not like a Christmas tree. I love observing people, the way they are dressed, how they wear the pieces and how they behave. Believe me, it is so easy to spot a person who tried too hard to match the colors or did not tried at all, as the final result is not so cool.

In reality, looking classy is easier than you think. The secret of effortless chic is not to try too hard and follow a couple of rules that I reveal below, so let’s get started! 

/ Rules of Thumb to Effortless Chic Style



The Rules of Chic – let’s get to know

About TRoC

The Rules of Chic – Vision

Inspire women to be effortlessly classy always and everywhere without compromising the comfort.


The Rules of Chic – Mission

Share The Rules of Chic by providing the finest infographics with women all ages.


The Rules of Chic – Values

PASSION is the fuel that drives me forward.

INSPIRATION is key to keep my creative juices flowing.

SIMPLICITY is visible in every aspect of my life.

AMBITION is what makes me better and better.

Welcome in The Rules of Chic!

About TRoC

Since I remember, I was experimenting with different looks and colors, hunting for the style that combines comfort and classy look in the same time. Through countless mistakes and trials I learnt what does and doesn’t work for me and eventually found out my signature look! The look that fits well the lifestyle of full time working mom. Today I would like to share my tricks and tips with everyone who wants to look classy always and everywhere without compromising the comfort. I also want to show that to be a classy/chic woman it takes something more than an elegant attire. 

 However there is also a second “secret” mission of this blog. For longer than I can remember I was suffering of AD (Atopic Dermatitis) and I was desperately looking for a way to efficiently cover the rash over my body and raise my self-confidence. Today my AD is still with me, but the difference is that I am well equipped with tools that make me feel and look better. Now I am ready to share my know-how with you!  Enjoy!