Classy duet: beige and white

On-duty Chic
cropped-ribbon-e1403902618564.jpgOn-duty chic - beige & white duet


I love spring and summer! As soon as the first rays of sun appear, I immediately switch to lighter colors. The duet beige and white holds a special place in my heart, because it is sophisticated, fresh and summery. I found this color combo really elegant, therefore these kinds of pieces are not rare in my wardrobe.

I believe you agree with me that this particular set is a quintessence of a good taste and a great balance. The simple yet not boring at all cut of the shirt  and the blazer make this look even more desirable! Oh, and this beige goes well with almost everything, so you will never run out of ideas how to wear it! One more reason why it’s worth to invest in classic pieces! Last but not least: do not forget to roll-up the sleeves of the blazer to look more casual and stylish!

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