Hot summer in the city

Off-duty Chic
Hot summer in the city

Have you ever prepared your luggage for vacation and when you arrived to the destination you realized that you should have packed completely different sets of clothes? This has just happened to me. I left cold Switzerland to visit my family in Poland. I prepared myself  for reasonable temperature  (25 degrees or something around this) and guess what? Surprise: 32-34 degrees every day!!! None of my outfits seems to be right for this weather… The only positive thing is that in the last moment  before leaving home with my husband and daughter, I threw one maxi dress to my luggage  ”just in case” and this was a hit!!! Believe me, the refreshing power of green lemon dress makes miracles! Here is my proposal for hot summer in the city! Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Hot summer in the city

  1. Woooaaaahhh! We really enjoyed your post! We like to blog about fashion as well so maybe you will find our page interesting, check it out at and if you like it, give us a follow!
    have a great (and as always, fashionable) day!
    -alexis & athina

    1. Thanks Alexis & Athina! I am very glad you like my blog. Once I am back to Switzerland I will visit your page with a pleasure. In meantime I wish you a lovely day! Joanna

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