Casual Friday

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Casual Friday

This year we do not have too much luck with the weather in Switzerland. Sun rarely visited our part of the country. However miracles happen! After many days of autumn weather, sun finally came to us.

This – and the fact that it’s Friday – encouraged me to prepare more casual – yet chic – outfit to work.

I combined the pleated maxi skirt in one of my favorite colour  – orange – with a simple sleeveless white shirt and ankle wrap flat sandals. Then I stuck 3 marble bracelets, add a  chic brown leather tote, and sunglasses that hasn’t been used this year so often. And who said that the summer is over?! 🙂

Tips and tricks to timeless accessories

Accessories, Basic rules

Do you remember my post about investing in wardrobe?  If you are familiar with it, then this is a sign you are ready to go to the next level!

Phase 3: Investing in timeless accessories.

Let’s start from HANDBAGS!!!  (I need to admit that I love them truly and deeply!)

Design -> The design really depends on the future owner’s style and taste, therefore I will not discuss this aspect here. Personally I love simple design because it is versatile and gives a lot of options therefore most of my handbags if not all of them are classic and minimalistic

Color -> My advice: start building your collection of handbags from neutral colors. The absolute must-have handbags – in my opinion – are: one in black and one in nude or camel. They will go with all your outfits hence I strongly encourage you to invest more money in them. My first handbag was a black croco cross-body bag Longchamp that I bought in Paris. I was saving for it long months but it was worth it!

Size -> Size depends on the purpose of the handbag. I buy middle and big handbags for work because they can easily accommodate all the things I need at work. The smaller cross-body bags I use on weekends, vacations and so on, where I have always my daughter with me. They free my hands and are perfect for travelling, sightseeing, shopping and playing time. The zipped pocket or two in each handbag are absolute minimum for me.

Material and weight -> When I buy the leather handbag, I always check its weight. At the end it is me who is going to carry it all day long, so if it is heavy when it’s empty, it losses my interest.

Quality -> I double-check the quality of the leather, the fabric inside the bag, all zippers and fasteners, handles, belt, and the finishing inside and outside.

SHOES – I do not know any woman who doesn’t love shoes!

Type -> I must confess: I am not a high-heels lover. I have maybe two pairs of high-heels shoes reserved for the special occasions. On a daily basis I wear ballerinas and moccasins as they fit the best my lifestyle.

Color -> As in the case of handbags, I started building my collection of shoes from neutral colors: black and nude/camel. After few years, I managed to build a nice selection of shoes in various colors. The more expensive shoes, the more universal color of them (black, nude, olive, beige).

Material -> Due to my few incidents of AD on my feet (which btw put me to bed for weeks because I could not walk) I fully switched to leather shoes and since then I do not have any problems with my feet. On top of that leather shoes are more qualitative, long lasting a really good-looking.

Quality -> I never compromise on quality when it comes to shoes.

Comfort -> whatever type of shoes I buy, they must be comfortable from the very first moment I try them on. Otherwise they are out.


This is a tricky subject. I must admit that being an allergic has positive sides! I can’t wear any imitation of metals hence I stick to the surgical steel, silver, rose and yellow gold. Yeah, it is a financial effort therefore I always think twice before buying the piece (and let my husband to spoil me!). I stick to the classical type of necklaces because they are timeless. Regarding the rings, I give myself more room for creativity. Investing in real bijou is a fun and on top of that no imitation will upgrade your look like the real one.


I love scarves and shawls!!! It is such an easy way to create a sophisticated look! I do not remember when I started wearing the shawls, but clearly remember the reason of doing it: my AD. When I was younger, my neck was constantly red, itchy, deeply cracked and bleeding. It was a horror! That time I was not even thinking to be fashionable – the goal was to cover myself well so nobody could see my skin. Shawls and scarves were a great solution! Nowadays I do not have problems with my neck any longer but shawls and scarves stayed in my wardrobe since then and became my hallmark. I will share few tips how to build the timeless collection of shawls and scarves as well as how I do wear them, in the nearest future.


 I like when my look is well coordinated. You may think I am freak, but for me wearing i.e. the gold necklace and belt with silver buckle is not an option.

Depending on the purpose of the belts, I have two collections of them: practical, that I wear with jeans and pants, and decorative that I wear mainly with dresses and skirts. In terms of the colors, I stick to the black, nude and beige ones. Fabric: leather or good imitation of leather. I avoid the plastic belts simply because they are not elegant and when they crack, they look horrible.

Et voilà! Everything is crystal clear now, isn’t it? I hope you find my tricks and tips useful. As always your comments are very welcome! Let me know what accessories you like and what rules you apply when you buy a new piece!

Perfect outfit for travelling

Off-duty Chic
Off-duty chic - white & blue team
Holidays are great, but no matter how long vacations you take, they will always be too short. For me two weeks away from work helped me to clean the head and spend more time with my family and beloved. It was great to see my daughter discovering the world, learning new things, enriching vocabulary and strengthen ties with Poland. The cherri on the cake was the moment when she hugged me and said “Je t’aime maman!”. I melted like a chocolate in a hot day!
And speaking of hot day… we left Poland in 32 degree heat. When we landed in Switzerland there was at least 10 degrees less. You never know what weather will welcome you in the destination, therefore you should always choose a smart set (btw I always have a big shawl with me even if outside is super hot).  The white & blue team seems to be a perfect outfit for travelling. Blue jeans jacket will warm you up when needed, white jeans and blue gomminos will give you the comfort you need when you are in motion, and the roomie bag will fit everything what you need when you travel with the 3-year old. Voilà! This is the secret how to look classy when you try to catch the next flight!

Easy-going Red’n’White

Off-duty Chic

Off-duty chic - Easy-going red & white

Hot summer in the city can be tiring especially if you have a condition like AD. Fortunately it was raining all night so now we can take a deep breath and although the weather does not really encourage to go out, we are planning to have some family quality time and go out anyway.  At the end summer has various faces and it is important to enjoy all of them. The Rolling Stones’ T-shirt and spiked trainers combined with white jeans and jeans jacket seem to be perfect for the day like this. Not to mention that it successfully takes the attention from my red face. Yes, AD attacked my face again. I  had to see the dermatologist who advised to make a peeling with hyaluronic acid. It worked well but it will take few days till my face will go back to normal. I like wearing white from head-to-toe especially when my skin is affected by AD. White always looks classy no matter what and makes the redness of my face less visible. One interesting detail from the outfit can take the attention from the part you don’t want to expose and it can become a focal point of your look. Believe me, it works!!! Tested on myself many times!