Easy-going Red’n’White

Off-duty Chic

Off-duty chic - Easy-going red & white

Hot summer in the city can be tiring especially if you have a condition like AD. Fortunately it was raining all night so now we can take a deep breath and although the weather does not really encourage to go out, we are planning to have some family quality time and go out anyway.  At the end summer has various faces and it is important to enjoy all of them. The Rolling Stones’ T-shirt and spiked trainers combined with white jeans and jeans jacket seem to be perfect for the day like this. Not to mention that it successfully takes the attention from my red face. Yes, AD attacked my face again. I  had to see the dermatologist who advised to make a peeling with hyaluronic acid. It worked well but it will take few days till my face will go back to normal. I like wearing white from head-to-toe especially when my skin is affected by AD. White always looks classy no matter what and makes the redness of my face less visible. One interesting detail from the outfit can take the attention from the part you don’t want to expose and it can become a focal point of your look. Believe me, it works!!! Tested on myself many times! 

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