Perfect outfit for travelling

Off-duty Chic
Off-duty chic - white & blue team
Holidays are great, but no matter how long vacations you take, they will always be too short. For me two weeks away from work helped me to clean the head and spend more time with my family and beloved. It was great to see my daughter discovering the world, learning new things, enriching vocabulary and strengthen ties with Poland. The cherri on the cake was the moment when she hugged me and said “Je t’aime maman!”. I melted like a chocolate in a hot day!
And speaking of hot day… we left Poland in 32 degree heat. When we landed in Switzerland there was at least 10 degrees less. You never know what weather will welcome you in the destination, therefore you should always choose a smart set (btw I always have a big shawl with me even if outside is super hot).  The white & blue team seems to be a perfect outfit for travelling. Blue jeans jacket will warm you up when needed, white jeans and blue gomminos will give you the comfort you need when you are in motion, and the roomie bag will fit everything what you need when you travel with the 3-year old. Voilà! This is the secret how to look classy when you try to catch the next flight!

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