Versatility of Shawls, Scarves, Gavroches

Versatility of Shawls, Scarves, Gavroches

Hands up who likes the shawls! I will not lie; I have a commode full of shawls, little gavroche, and scarfs. When it’s chilly I wear them to warm myself up. In the warmer days, I use them to accessorize my look. For example I like attaching the gavroches to my handbag. It is so chic and such as easy way to revamp the bag.  Wait! It gets even better! The bigger the scarf is, the countless possibilities of wearing them you have. And if you do not know the secrets of perfect knot yet, there is no need to cry. YouTube is full of short step-by-step guidelines that will make you an expert in a short time. However if you need something more mobile and accessible, I recommend an app Hermes Silk Knot by Hermès. There you will find not only the ideas how to tie your scarf in an elegant and unconventional way, but you can also discover the newest collection of Hermès scarves. Additionally the app is beautifully designed so it is pure feast for the soul. Not to mention that you are not obliged to have the Hermès scarf in order to use the app. I have plenty of no-brand scarves that I wear like a branded-ones.

So no more excuses! Pick a scarf, learn the secrets of elegant knots, and let yourself to be the chicest person in the city. 

Warning: scarves are highly addictive!

In pursuit of the sun

Off-duty Chic, On-duty Chic
In pursuit of the sun
The autumn is here and although the temperature drops down, you are not obliged to switch to autumn colors immediately. Here is the perfect pick for an early autumn day. A yellow double breasted jacket match with the white cropped pants, jump into the yellow ballet flats, grab the unconventional handbag and here you go girl! You will feel like the summer never ends! Oh, and do not forget a cashmere wrap shawl in case it gets chilly.

Five Reasons Why I Love Ballet Flats

Basic rules, Off-duty Chic, On-duty Chic
Ballerina flat lover!

I am a big ballet flats lover! I believe this is the only type of shoes that I can wear without risk to twist the ankles and look chic in the same time. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not the enemy of high-heels but I am not made to wear them… My philosophy is very simple: if you do not know how to walk with high heels, you should not wear them, because the chances are that the final effect will be far away from what you want to achieve. This is why the ballet flats became my wardrobe staple. 

I love them because…:

1)     …they are very comfortable.

2)     …they are the epitome of charm and Parisian chic.

3)     …you can’t get bored with them because they exist in various colors and fashion,

4)     …they can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

5)     …they are true fashion classic.

This is true me! There are countless ways to feel feminine and for me ballet flat is one of them.

Never drop your standards

Basic rules, On-duty Chic
Never drop your standards

Lately I read an interesting article about Sophia Loren. I had a chance to see countless photos from her youth and the last years, and what struck me the most was her elegance in every situation. Whatever she was/is doing, wherever she was/is spending time, she is always chic and stunning. In fact if you think about it what all the fashion icons (i.e. Audrey Hepburn, Elisabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel) have in common is that they never drop their standards. This reminds me also what Oscar Wilde once said: you can never be overdressed or overeducated. So ladies: never stop learning, and never stop being chic!

Military style with a twist

Basic rules, Off-duty Chic
Military style with a twist

My daughter turned 3 early this month. The moment she blew the candles on the cake, her rebellious nature set in…

Since I strongly believe that the clothes you pick are an expression of how you feel about yourself, I felt that military style is absolutely relevant this time. I would not be myself though, if I have not twisted it in my way. The truth is that it does not matter what style you choose. Looking classy is all about right proportion and balance. Less is always more!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details
I love beautiful objects and beautiful does not necessary mean expensive. I always pay attention to the shape, fabric, finishing of the item and it does not matter if it is a new dress or a table lamp that I want to buy to my living room. The esthetic side is very important for me. I must admit that I have a huge weakness for all kinds of accessories and stationeries. I know, I know, my passion (border line obsession) not necessarily needs to be  shared by others. However… believe me or not, even the most classy outfit can lose the allure and lust if they are accompanied by shabby wallet/agenda or a chewed pen . The devil is in the details! If you truly wants to be classy, make sure that your bag/desk in the office/things in the car  are well organized and revise on regular basis all the personal items. I know it is not easy to get rid of your beloved wallet, but think about it in this way: all these items are your visit card so make sure they reflect you in the right way.  
Replace all the shabby items before your image is ruined. Have a lovely Wednesday!

The power and timelessness of classics

Basic rules
The power and timelessness of classics

I love watching colorful top fashion magazines and knowing the current trends, tendencies, what is “in” and what is “out”. However when it comes to me, I am very selective regarding the trends. By nature I am practical person and my practicality manifests itself in all the aspects of my life including my style. I believe it is important to be truthful to your style and never follow the trends blindly. I will go even one step further and dare to say that I find horrible some of the trends, because what can be elegant in wearing the socks and sandals? Notabene, years ago we laughed at and criticized bad taste of people who were wearing socks with sandals and this year suddenly this combination became trendy… Honestly, I do not get it…


Fashion IS my passion. However in my case it came up from the need to hide my disease (AD) rather than willing to be a fashion icon. Before combining my outfit was a necessity, now it is a pure pleasure. I love creating my own stylizations, playing with colors, fabrics.


I strongly believe that a good taste is something you have or not, but it does not mean that people who do not have an aesthetic sense can’t be well dressed. You can always learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes by following Seven Rules of Chic:

Rule 1. Stick to simplicity

Rule 2. Choose timeless pieces over trend items

Rule 3. Splash neutrals with colors.

Rule 4. Use max. 3 colors in the same time

Rule 5. Never underestimate the power of well-chosen accessories

Rule 6. Never compromise on practicality & comfort

Rule 7. Be always in synch with yourself


Last but not least, do not forget: what is trendy not always is elegant, and what is elegant is always trendy!

Orange-ize yourself!

Basic rules, Off-duty Chic
Orange-ize yourself!


Who said that elegant woman should not wear flashy colors? I love splashing neutral look with color. Moreover wearing the powerful colors in a classy way is simpler than you think. As always everything is about details and good balance. If you plan to wear an orange dress, make sure that all other items are in neutral color. It is your dress to be the focal point of the look, so keep calm with the rest.  And do not forget: the more sophisticated piece, the more powerful it becomes despite of the color.

Powder pink chic

Off-duty Chic, On-duty Chic
Powder pink chic

I have never liked pink. I always thought this is for never-grown-up girls and I definitely felt mature. One day though I was flipping through the colorful magazine and saw the combo that grabbed my attention: white trousers, powder pink silk blouse and camel coat. This was one of the most beautiful and feminine set I have ever seen. Since then my wardrobe gained one more colour – I gave a chance to powder pink and I do not regret it!

Stick to classics

Basic rules, On-duty Chic
Stick to classics

I am sure we all have days when we want to look particularly great. Let’s face it, in my case my outfit very often depends on the state of my skin. If AD attacks me, I want to cover myself as much as possible and, to be honest with you, I would rather prefer to stay in bed all day long instead of going out but this is not always an option. I tested many color-combos and after various experiments I came to the conclusion that only light colors can make the redness of my skin less visible.

My advice to all people with AD (and other skin conditions) is as follow: always stick to the classics.

Here is a sample of outfit when your self-confidence is close to zero: simple camel dress + white blazer + high heel pumps + camel handbag and statement bracelet = perfect look even if you do not feel perfect. Btw in such an outfit nobody will ever see that your morals are not really up! Take care of yourself! 🙂