Black-and-white duo

On-duty Chic
Black-and-white duo

I believe Monday is the least-liked day of the week (at least by me).   Weaking up at 6 am after weekend is not the most pleasant and easy thing in the world, therefore when I choose the outfit for Monday, I try to combine the pieces that are elegant and comfortable in the same time.  That way I am ready for any unplanned meeting and since the outfit is cozy, the coming back to the reality is less painful – not to mention that it will increase your energy level immediately.  Here is the most iconic duo in the whole history of fashion: black-and-white.

If you do not have any idea what to wear, this combination will solve your problem.  Pleated cotton cigarette black pants match with the white loose blouse, add your favorite flats (or high heels), chic roomy handbag and statement necklace and you will be a star in the boardroom!

2 thoughts on “Black-and-white duo

    1. Hi Mira! It’s nice to get a feedback from another working woman. Thanks for that. Keep checking my posts – hopefully you find an inspiration for your outfits here. Looking forward for your next post. 🙂

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