Off-duty Chic

When I was a teenager I was crazy about six-pack on the belly. I remember exercising every day on the floor in my room with Cindy Crawford on the screen. After one year of extremely hard work I was a proud owner of flat belly with nicely shaped muscles! However this was years, years ago. Now the situation and my priorities changed. And let’s face it, as a full-time working mum of 3-year-old I can only dream about having as much time as years ago. However today I decided to find at least 30 minutes every day for exercises. And no, this time it is not because I want to have a six-pack but because I want to be in a good shape in general. Due to my condition (AD) not all kind of sports is for me. I love swimming therefore I am going to mix this discipline with some fitness at home and long walks.

Speaking of which, if you are also fans of long walks, here is an idea for a feminine sport outfit: a rose-grey top match with a sweat pants. Put all your belongings to the backpack, slide your feet into the pink loafers and off you go! Have a lovely walk!

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