Stick to classics

Basic rules, On-duty Chic
Stick to classics

I am sure we all have days when we want to look particularly great. Let’s face it, in my case my outfit very often depends on the state of my skin. If AD attacks me, I want to cover myself as much as possible and, to be honest with you, I would rather prefer to stay in bed all day long instead of going out but this is not always an option. I tested many color-combos and after various experiments I came to the conclusion that only light colors can make the redness of my skin less visible.

My advice to all people with AD (and other skin conditions) is as follow: always stick to the classics.

Here is a sample of outfit when your self-confidence is close to zero: simple camel dress + white blazer + high heel pumps + camel handbag and statement bracelet = perfect look even if you do not feel perfect. Btw in such an outfit nobody will ever see that your morals are not really up! Take care of yourself! 🙂

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