The power and timelessness of classics

Basic rules
The power and timelessness of classics

I love watching colorful top fashion magazines and knowing the current trends, tendencies, what is “in” and what is “out”. However when it comes to me, I am very selective regarding the trends. By nature I am practical person and my practicality manifests itself in all the aspects of my life including my style. I believe it is important to be truthful to your style and never follow the trends blindly. I will go even one step further and dare to say that I find horrible some of the trends, because what can be elegant in wearing the socks and sandals? Notabene, years ago we laughed at and criticized bad taste of people who were wearing socks with sandals and this year suddenly this combination became trendy… Honestly, I do not get it…


Fashion IS my passion. However in my case it came up from the need to hide my disease (AD) rather than willing to be a fashion icon. Before combining my outfit was a necessity, now it is a pure pleasure. I love creating my own stylizations, playing with colors, fabrics.


I strongly believe that a good taste is something you have or not, but it does not mean that people who do not have an aesthetic sense can’t be well dressed. You can always learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes by following Seven Rules of Chic:

Rule 1. Stick to simplicity

Rule 2. Choose timeless pieces over trend items

Rule 3. Splash neutrals with colors.

Rule 4. Use max. 3 colors in the same time

Rule 5. Never underestimate the power of well-chosen accessories

Rule 6. Never compromise on practicality & comfort

Rule 7. Be always in synch with yourself


Last but not least, do not forget: what is trendy not always is elegant, and what is elegant is always trendy!

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