Versatility of Shawls, Scarves, Gavroches

Versatility of Shawls, Scarves, Gavroches

Hands up who likes the shawls! I will not lie; I have a commode full of shawls, little gavroche, and scarfs. When it’s chilly I wear them to warm myself up. In the warmer days, I use them to accessorize my look. For example I like attaching the gavroches to my handbag. It is so chic and such as easy way to revamp the bag.  Wait! It gets even better! The bigger the scarf is, the countless possibilities of wearing them you have. And if you do not know the secrets of perfect knot yet, there is no need to cry. YouTube is full of short step-by-step guidelines that will make you an expert in a short time. However if you need something more mobile and accessible, I recommend an app Hermes Silk Knot by Hermès. There you will find not only the ideas how to tie your scarf in an elegant and unconventional way, but you can also discover the newest collection of Hermès scarves. Additionally the app is beautifully designed so it is pure feast for the soul. Not to mention that you are not obliged to have the Hermès scarf in order to use the app. I have plenty of no-brand scarves that I wear like a branded-ones.

So no more excuses! Pick a scarf, learn the secrets of elegant knots, and let yourself to be the chicest person in the city. 

Warning: scarves are highly addictive!

2 thoughts on “Versatility of Shawls, Scarves, Gavroches

  1. It is uncanny how I was thinking of scarves today and there you are posting about it! That was an amazing post.
    Kudos to you girl!!!

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