Peplum top – secrets revealed

Basic rules
Peplum top - secrets revealed
Peplum top, in my opinion, is the most universal item in the “peplum-trio”, because it gives the most room for the creativity. You can combine it with skirts or – if you want to achieve more modern look – with pants, including your favorite jeans. You can style it in a countless way, depending on your mood. To achieve the classiest duet combine the peplum top with the knee-length pencil skirt (this length flatter the most any figure) or cropped fit pants (especially if you have short legs). Similarly to peplum dresses and skirts make sure you choose the peplum that will flatter the most your silhouette. At all costs avoid ankle boots and ankle-strapped sandals because they will visually shorten your legs. The shorter/more open shoes are, the better it is. Last but not least, do not forget to accessorize your outfit. Gorgeous bag, pair of high-heels of flats, and well-thought jewelry can make miracles.

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