The Power of Scent

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The Power of Scent

Photo source: Polyvore

Have you ever been in a situation when you decided to switch your perfumes but eventually you finished buying the scent you have been using for ages? It happens to me over and over again. I feel lost in the sea of proposals on the market but believe me, the resignation is not the right decision.

Smell is a very personal thing. Because it is invisible, it is not the first topic when discussed the personal style. However when it’s chosen with the right attention, it can be a compelling statement about your personality, therefore we should not neglect this matter.

Let’s start from discovering six major types of perfumes. Take your time to explore each of them and choose the one that emphasizes the best your style and personality.

Floral: flowery and feminine; usually it is a combination of various flowers warmed with the touch of spice or fruit for a soft, powdery finish.

Citrus: crisp, lightly fruity and clean; combines juicy notes of lemon, orange, grapefruit, yuzu and other citrus oils.

Oriental: warm, musky and spicy; their bouquet includes intoxicating and intensive substances such as musk, vanilla, exotic resins and wood, often accompanied with exotic flowers and spices.

Chypre: woodsy and rich yet fresh. This scent is sharp based on harmony of oak moss, labdanum, patchouli and bergamot.

Fougère: outdoorsy and light, often described as green. Harmony of oriental components is refreshed with aromatic lavender, rosemary, coumarin and oak moss.

Gourmand: sweet and food inspired, like vanilla. This group unites sweet perfumes, built on harmony of oriental notes like wood, resins, flowers and spices, and sweet components: caramel, vanilla, chocolate, almonds, honey.

Still not sure what is your perfume personality? Take a quiz prepared by Elle Canada. It will help you to dispel all doubts and bring you a lot of fun!

Those who want to broaden their knowledge about scents, I encourage to have a look at Perfume FAQ’s infographic – a really funny way to learn more about perfumes. (Credit goes to danfenudesign.) 

Enough talking. Let’s act! I believe you are ready to buy YOUR perfume now. 

Once you are done, let me know what is your signature scent!

Evening Glamour – Jewelry

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Evening Glamour - Jewelry
Usually evening glamour is about shining and magic. Although finding the right balance in the evening look can be tricky, there are little tricks that can help you to manage this aspect.

First of all decide on the statement piece of your look. If it is a dress, then choose more delicate jewelry. If the evening attire is more modest, then you can wear more pieces of bijou. However do not forget that sometimes one breathtaking piece is all you need.

At all cost avoid wearing more than 2 pieces of bijou at a time. It will look too excessive. If you have a jewelry set, consisting of a bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings, follow the rule of thumb: earrings + ring, earrings + bracelet, or necklace+ ring.

Make also sure your accessories (clutch, shoes) are in line with the rest of your look. If they are your statement pieces, make sure you ditch the other bling.

Finally, always take into consideration your age, height, and the build, when you choose the jewelry. If you want to draw attention away from the neck area, look for longer necklaces. If your neck is wide, you can offset it by wearing graduated necklaces. Girls with a bony neck and chest should consider more multiple-strands necklaces.

To sum up, whatever you wear for your glamorous night out, make sure you feel comfortable and the proportions are right.

Enjoy your Christmas break and let me know what else would you add to this list!

Christmas dinner & classy white shirt

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Christmas dinner & classy white shirt

Christmas is almost here. Shortly we start visiting our families and friends. I’m sure many of you are wondering what to wear for this occasion. I often find it quite tricky, because when you visit your family you want to feel comfortable in your outfit, yet you are obliged to show the respect to your family. Achieving this result is not always easy especially in multigenerational families. Through the years I tested many different options to come to the conclusion that white shirt is the most universal solution and certainly the best one for people who have skin problems like me.

In fact, to be honest with you, when my skin worsens and AD is winning with me, I tend to wear the white shirt, because it buoys me up. It gives me an impression that it is not so bad and makes my skin less red (at least in my head).

White shirt will never let you down. You can pair it with pants, skirts, even with nice pair of dark jeans. White shirt will always upgrade your look and add a lot of freshness especially when your skin is not perfect. It is always appropriate so do not be afraid that you will be overdressed. Choose the right bottom and accessories, grab nice chocolate as a gift, and make a great show!

Enjoy your Christmas break!

Real Chic in a Fake Fur

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Real Chic in a Fake Fur

Faux-fur… I have never imagined that one day I will write about this… In fact I have never imagined that I will be writing a blog either.  🙂

Life is unpredictable and this is fantastic!

Speaking about fake fur, I must say that I have never been a fun of this kind of cover-up but this year something snapped in me.

I am not sure what caused this change, but I am happy this is happening, because furs are so classy! To be honest with you, I am very glad the fake furs have been finally noted and appreciated. They look equally elegant as the real one yet they save a lot of lives and do not cause the allergies. Perfect choice for the AD people like me! J

Even if you are not convinced to fake fur now, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. There is so much choice on the market that every girl will find something for herself. You can choose between cropped jackets or long, oversize coats. If you feel this is too much for you to handle, try with the fake fur vest or scarves. They will bring a texture to your outfit.

If you are looking for an on-duty combination, here is an idea: crispy white shirt team with black sleeveless fake fur gilet, pair of black slim jeans and boots. Simple, cozy, and ultra-chic!

And no matter what, remember:

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur” – Karl Lagerfeld

Chic cover-up

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Chic cover-up

In one of my prior post I mentioned the importance of having an elegant cover up for glamourous events. Today I would like to focus on this matter.

When you think about an elegant coat, one thing comes to mind: classy coat must cost a fortune. Nothing could be more wrong! Indeed there are luxurious coats that will be more expensive than others, yet nowadays you can find equally stylish alternative for less money. Just make sure you do your homework before the purchase. The key question you should ask yourself is how often you have a chic night outs. Based on the answer, you will set up your budget. Keep in mind that the more numerous evenings you have, the more qualitative cover-up you should buy and the more money you should invest in it. At the end the more you wear your coat, the best ROI you will get. You should also take into consideration the climate you live in and your general style.

In the event of doubt remember: you can’t go wrong with black, classy, and minimalist piece.

Tuxedo – a nice alternative

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Tuxedo - a nice alternative

Photo source: Polyvore

Since we are still in the evening glamour topic, please let me present you a tuxedo, a nice alternative to gowns.

Tuxedo does not have to be masculine. You can stylize it in various ways and believe me, you will always get a chic and elegant final result. To master the look, learn from ladies who got it right.

There are many positive sides of wearing tuxedos. One of them is a comfort that floor-length dress will never give you. The other important thing is the versatility of tuxedo. You can combine the tuxedo pants or jacket with casual pieces to get fabulous on-duty look. The possibilities are countless! Just try and you will never stop!

Evening Glamour – Few more tips to look like a Star

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Evening Glamour 2


Internet is full of advices how to choose the right evening outfit, therefore I am not going to reinvent the wheel. In this post I just want to talk about few issues that some girls tend to forget about or diminish the importance of them when they have a glamorous evening/night out.

First of all, invisible part of your attire can make or break your look, so make sure you select the right undergarment to your dress that will work for you and the best flatter your figure. Do not be shy to ask the sales person for help if you are not sure what type of lingerie is the best for your gown.

Second of all, I strongly advise you to not experiment with the make-up and hairstyle. Stick to something natural and simple. If you want to try new look, make sure you will do the rehearsal before the event. You’ll save yourself embarrassment and unneeded stress.

Third of all, the coat is equally important as the evening gown. I saw a couple of times “ladies” in evening dresses, elegant high heels and…. down jackets… Believe me, no matter how luxurious your dress is, if your coat does not compliment your look, the spell will break.

Last but not least, nice and elegant attire that is in line with the dress code is a one thing, but even the most fabulous dress will not safe your face if you can’t move like a lady therefore be realistic when you choose the shoes and, as Oscar de la Renta was saying, “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.”

I look forward to hearing from you about your fancy-dressing rules!

Evening Glamour Dress Code Guideline

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Evening Glamour

Christmas time undoubtedly is associated with elegant dinners, banquets, parties and other glamorous social events. Some of them are more formal, the other are informal. Even if there are little chances you will be invited on the red carpet, it’s worth to refresh the knowledge about the dress code. At the end you never know what life will bring!

White tie (in other words: full evening dress) is the most formal evening dress code in fashion. It is worn to ceremonial occasions such as dinners, banquets, balls, weddings, the opera, theatre, musicals or to embassy and diplomatic events. If you receive an invitation for an event and it’s marked “White tie dress code” know that a floor-length gown is an absolute must. A wrap or the gloves are optional, yet they can nicely complement your evening attire.

Black tie (in other words: formal) is a dress code of formal wear for evening events. Worn only for events after 6 p.m., black tie is less formal than white tie but more formal than informal or business dress. A black-tie attire requires floor-length dress, although a luxurious and stylish knee-length gown can also be appropriate. If you are not sure if your dress is enough elegant, follow the simple advice from BAZAAR: “Imagine yourself on the arm of a tuxedo-clad man and make sure you are not going so casual as to appear mismatched.”

Cocktail attire (in other words: semi-formal) bridges the morning look with the evening glamour. A LBD (Little Black Dress) with fun jewelry is a great choice. In fact any knee-length dress or elegant office outfit appropriately accessorized with high-heels and stylish clutch will do.

Festive dress code is very similar to cocktail attire but with a holiday twist. Here bold colors, sparkles, and shiny fabrics are very welcome. 

Now, when the dress code has been decoded, it’s time to find THE dress, so stay with me!

Glamorous at work

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Glamorous at work
Christmas time is all about magic! I love this period, decorated streets, shops, houses. Million of colourful lights everywhere! More importantly this is a period where you can let yourself shine even more than usual.

To avoid the effect of Christmas Tree though, all you need to do is to “downgrade” your crazy piece with casual pieces. To do this just follow this simple formula 1:2 (1 fancy piece : 2 easy-going pieces). I also suggest to leave the bijou at home when you decide to wear a shiny outfit. Now let’s practice: choose one of your favourite crazy piece and mix it with two casual clothing. Isn’t it lovely?

If you want to learn more how to wear shiny fabrics, read my previous post Let’s get shine this winter!

Chic Eagle Eye

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So Chic!

Glasses…It’s funny to see people who do not need them, yet they wear them to look more professional, cool, or/and fashionable. When I was 7 years old and the doctor prescribed me correction glasses, that was the biggest nightmare of my life. I cried my eyes out! First of all because I was a child and no child likes wearing glasses. Second of all because the choice of the frames was very, very poor and I looked horrible…

Thanks God these times are over!

I did have a time when I was glasses-free, but since I love working with pixels, this is a past. But you know what? I like my glasses a lot! They complete my look. I have 3 pairs of glasses (grey, camel, black); each of them have been carefully chosen. I like when they match my outfit so I swap them quite often.

If you want to learn how to choose the glasses to your face shape, have a look at this fantastic Face Shape Guide For Glasses done by Erin Taylor-Mitchell!