Evening Glamour Dress Code Guideline

Basic rules
Evening Glamour

Christmas time undoubtedly is associated with elegant dinners, banquets, parties and other glamorous social events. Some of them are more formal, the other are informal. Even if there are little chances you will be invited on the red carpet, it’s worth to refresh the knowledge about the dress code. At the end you never know what life will bring!

White tie (in other words: full evening dress) is the most formal evening dress code in fashion. It is worn to ceremonial occasions such as dinners, banquets, balls, weddings, the opera, theatre, musicals or to embassy and diplomatic events. If you receive an invitation for an event and it’s marked “White tie dress code” know that a floor-length gown is an absolute must. A wrap or the gloves are optional, yet they can nicely complement your evening attire.

Black tie (in other words: formal) is a dress code of formal wear for evening events. Worn only for events after 6 p.m., black tie is less formal than white tie but more formal than informal or business dress. A black-tie attire requires floor-length dress, although a luxurious and stylish knee-length gown can also be appropriate. If you are not sure if your dress is enough elegant, follow the simple advice from BAZAAR: “Imagine yourself on the arm of a tuxedo-clad man and make sure you are not going so casual as to appear mismatched.”

Cocktail attire (in other words: semi-formal) bridges the morning look with the evening glamour. A LBD (Little Black Dress) with fun jewelry is a great choice. In fact any knee-length dress or elegant office outfit appropriately accessorized with high-heels and stylish clutch will do.

Festive dress code is very similar to cocktail attire but with a holiday twist. Here bold colors, sparkles, and shiny fabrics are very welcome. 

Now, when the dress code has been decoded, it’s time to find THE dress, so stay with me!

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