Evening Glamour – Few more tips to look like a Star

Basic rules
Evening Glamour 2


Internet is full of advices how to choose the right evening outfit, therefore I am not going to reinvent the wheel. In this post I just want to talk about few issues that some girls tend to forget about or diminish the importance of them when they have a glamorous evening/night out.

First of all, invisible part of your attire can make or break your look, so make sure you select the right undergarment to your dress that will work for you and the best flatter your figure. Do not be shy to ask the sales person for help if you are not sure what type of lingerie is the best for your gown.

Second of all, I strongly advise you to not experiment with the make-up and hairstyle. Stick to something natural and simple. If you want to try new look, make sure you will do the rehearsal before the event. You’ll save yourself embarrassment and unneeded stress.

Third of all, the coat is equally important as the evening gown. I saw a couple of times “ladies” in evening dresses, elegant high heels and…. down jackets… Believe me, no matter how luxurious your dress is, if your coat does not compliment your look, the spell will break.

Last but not least, nice and elegant attire that is in line with the dress code is a one thing, but even the most fabulous dress will not safe your face if you can’t move like a lady therefore be realistic when you choose the shoes and, as Oscar de la Renta was saying, “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.”

I look forward to hearing from you about your fancy-dressing rules!

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