Travel light

Basic rules
Travel light

In my previous post I revealed how I select the pieces for the trips. Today I would like to give you some tips how to pack in order to travel light.

Of course, you won’t be able to always travel with little luggage. The size of the luggage depends on various criteria, i.e.:

– the length of trip,

– the destination,

– the purpose of travel (formal, informal etc.)

– season of the year, and so on.

I would like to focus on the trips up-to 2 weeks. For this kind of trips you will be able to prepare a cabin-size luggage. How to pack? It is simpler than you think. I use the part with the net and zipper for the clothes and the other one for shoes, toiletries, chargers and all “harder” items etc. I use smaller and softer items likes socks, scarves etc to fill in the free spaces between the items or to block and protect other objects. I always pack the shoes in the cotton bags on the bottom of the luggage, and place the bigger toiletries next to it. This way the more delicate items won’t be crashed by the heavier ones when the luggage stands on the wheels.

Additionally, I roll on all the pieces that can get crumpled (shirts, blouses, dresses etc), and take them out from the luggage and hang them on the hangers as soon as I arrive to your destination.

Tip: When I travel I often try to choose the clothes that don’t wrinkle. It is more practical, especially during the business trip. However I have quite few pieces that require ironing no matter what. I am doing this in the hotel before going to bed. Most of the hotels are equipped with the iron nowadays, so this is not a big problem. Voila! This is all what you need to travel light!

Bon voyage!

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