Stylish coming back to school

Food for Thought
Stylish come back to school

I’m back! First of all please accept my sincere apologies for silence through the last two weeks. It’s a bit busy as I started my specialised MBA, hence apart from full-time work, and 3-year-old, who suddenly became huge hugs’ lover, I have tons of studying. But I don’t complain; in fact my energy level has never been higher. Hm, what will I do with so much energy? Oh, I know! I am gonna use it (before it vanishes:))! I am starting from drafting my editorial plan so you won’t be left without the post ever again. I am also catching up with some reading. Through months if not years, I managed to gather a nice collection of books that I always wanted to read, but never have enough time to do this. Now, thanks to some travels linked to my MBA, there is a chance to sort this out. In fact there are some of books that became my life bibles and I am not afraid to recommend them. So if you want to read something but you do not know what to read, here are some positions worth of your time :

– “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie

– “Career advice for ambitious women” by Mrs. Monneypenny

– “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath

and something more relaxing:

– “Madame Chic” – by Jennifer L. Scott.

Enjoy your reading!

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