Peplum skirt – secrets revealed

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Peplum skirt - secrets revealed

Last weekend my friend mentioned that she thinks about buying a peplum skirt but she is not sure if this is a right cut for her figure. Then immediately asked me if I can write a post about how to wear a skirt with peplum. I thought “why not” as the subject seems to be interesting. In fact I will go one step further and will prepare a series of posts about peplum as there are not only peplum skirts to talk about.

Before we dive into the details regarding the peplum skirts, I find important to present you various styles of peplum hoping this will help you to find the one which will best flatter your figure.

Asymmetrical Peplum is appropriate for any body type depending on where the hem falls. Just remember that the peplums that are shorter at the sides but longer in the front and back works better for curvier body types and the ones longer at the sides but shorter in the front and back are for women with narrow hips.

Flared peplum is perfect for women who are heavier at the bottom because this peplum will flatter your figure by drawing in the waist and building an hourglass shape.

Gathered peplum is the most appropriate if you are straight without defined waist, because this style of peplum will help you to create a curve at the hip. Just make sure the peplum of your skirt sits right on your waist because only then it will create that much wanted contrast between your hips and waistline.

Pleated Peplum works well for any body type. If you want to camouflage the appearance of your belly, you can easily do it with this style of peplum.

How to wear peplum skirt?

There is one rule of thumb you should stick with: the fuller the peplum skirt is, the more fitted and simpler the top should be.

In my opinion the classiest way to wear a peplum skirt is with a top or buttoned shirt tucked in.

Attention: the peplum attires are not suitable for all situations so, in order to save yourself embarrassment and avoid problems, be always considerate of your work-place policies and adjust accordingly.

Dressing for success

Basic rules
Dressing for success

My personal day-to-day style is about comfort and practicality. However I always try to incorporate fashion and sense of style. For me the simplicity and structure are crucial. I was thinking yesterday what would be my 3 tips of dressing for success if somebody have asked me. Here are my secrets :

– find what works for you instead of copying somebody else’s style

– look attractive not sexy (at least when we talk about the on-duty style)

– be chic and classy, not trendy – timeless pieces are what you should stick to.

Remember : True style is a personal thing. It is more than following trends.

Sport Chic at Express Pace

Off-duty Chic, On-duty Chic
Sport Chic at Express Pace

Yesterday evening my daughter was helping me to choose her outfit for this morning but we had different concepts in mind. I had to use all my tricks to convince her that sandals are not the best type of shoes for autumn weather. Eventually she agreed and politely went to bed and I sat down in front of my wardrobe wondering what I will wear tomorrow to work.

I did not feel like spending hours to compose my outfit though, therefore I decided to stick to the tested “sport chic” look. Here is one of an idea: a simple dress paired with a chunky cable knit sweater and ballerina flat in the same colour palette – a perfect outfit for the office. Remember that clean lines and natural colors are essential to get this look right. Add the accessories in the same tone and off you go! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You Rock Girl!

On-duty Chic
cropped-ribbon-e1403902618564.jpgOn-duty chic - You rock girl!

Who said that the on-duty chic has to be boring? Here is the perfect example that contradicts this thesis. An elegant combination of 3 neutral colors make this set a perfect business apparel. Attention: the dress itself is a statement piece so there is no need for any accessories. Designer bag and shoes will nicely complement the look.

Personally, I love this set because of its simplicity, wonderful colors and cuts!