Christmas dinner & classy white shirt

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Christmas dinner & classy white shirt

Christmas is almost here. Shortly we start visiting our families and friends. I’m sure many of you are wondering what to wear for this occasion. I often find it quite tricky, because when you visit your family you want to feel comfortable in your outfit, yet you are obliged to show the respect to your family. Achieving this result is not always easy especially in multigenerational families. Through the years I tested many different options to come to the conclusion that white shirt is the most universal solution and certainly the best one for people who have skin problems like me.

In fact, to be honest with you, when my skin worsens and AD is winning with me, I tend to wear the white shirt, because it buoys me up. It gives me an impression that it is not so bad and makes my skin less red (at least in my head).

White shirt will never let you down. You can pair it with pants, skirts, even with nice pair of dark jeans. White shirt will always upgrade your look and add a lot of freshness especially when your skin is not perfect. It is always appropriate so do not be afraid that you will be overdressed. Choose the right bottom and accessories, grab nice chocolate as a gift, and make a great show!

Enjoy your Christmas break!

Peplum top – secrets revealed

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Peplum top - secrets revealed
Peplum top, in my opinion, is the most universal item in the “peplum-trio”, because it gives the most room for the creativity. You can combine it with skirts or – if you want to achieve more modern look – with pants, including your favorite jeans. You can style it in a countless way, depending on your mood. To achieve the classiest duet combine the peplum top with the knee-length pencil skirt (this length flatter the most any figure) or cropped fit pants (especially if you have short legs). Similarly to peplum dresses and skirts make sure you choose the peplum that will flatter the most your silhouette. At all costs avoid ankle boots and ankle-strapped sandals because they will visually shorten your legs. The shorter/more open shoes are, the better it is. Last but not least, do not forget to accessorize your outfit. Gorgeous bag, pair of high-heels of flats, and well-thought jewelry can make miracles.