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Chic Girl Travels

Travels used to give me headaches. Mainly because I always wanted to travel light yet often I have a dilemma what to take and how to pack, so I do not finish wearing everyday the same or taking too much clothes. Thanks God practice makes perfect. After years of shorter and longer business trips, long weekends and casual trips I managed to find a way to pack only what is necessary. The principle is simple: always chose one color palette per trip. This way no matter how you match tops with bottoms, it will work well. The number of pieces you pack depends on the length of the trip.

In one week I am starting my MBA in Milano. My first staying will take 7 days. Since some social events are planned, I decided to stick to black-white-olive-beige palette. By choosing 4 tops (fake fur vest, black sweater, white shirt, beige turtle neck knitwear), 3 bottoms (black, olive, beige trousers), 1 dress, 2 pairs of comfortable shoes, 2 shawls, I will be able to create at least 10 different classy combinations, which gives me a great choice for 1 week. Also the mix of lighter and warmer pieces makes me prepared for any weather.

Proper selection of jewelry and handbag will be a great final touch to make the outfits unforgettable.

Voilà! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

And what are your cloths selection’s tricks?

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This is it! The Autumn/Winter season has started (at least in Switzerland). It’s time to prepare the coats and winter jackets, boots, gloves and hats.

The good news is that you can be chic even if you wear multiple layers. It is all about proportions!

If you wear blazer under the coat, try to choose the looser version of coat so you do not look like a rugby player. If you wear wider pants, make sure to tuck the top inside the pants and underline your waist with a belt. The big sweaters wear with skinny trousers; tighter pullovers combine with straight or boot-cut jeans and crispy white shirt.

Accessorize! Big, long, “heavy” necklaces feel great in a company of big sweaters.

Do not be afraid also to use the color. I noticed that as soon as winter comes, the streets become sad, depressing, all you see are people in black or grey outfits.

Make sure you add some color to your attire. It can be little colorful scarf fancifully tied, a necklace/ring/earrings in an intensive color, or a handbag that grabs the attention. Do not resign from your favorite colors no matter the season or weather is.