Cozy Chic

Basic rules
Cozy Chic

I love the sweater dresses! They are cozy, cute, and very versatile! Depending on how you style them, you can wear them everywhere, even to work.

It took me a while to learn how to wear them. However you can save some time! Just learn from my experience and get it right from the very beginning.

Few tips to remember when you wear a sweater dress:

1. Choose the right cut to streamline your silhouette. The V-neck or cowl neck are the most flattering once.

2. Stick to the above-the-knee length if you want to look lean.

3. Plain sweater dresses are more classy and give more room for creativity.

4. To get more classy look, choose the thinner fabric.

5. Wear them with platform shoes or boots.

Now girl, let’s get crazy!

Chic year around

Basic rules
Chic full year

This is it! The Autumn/Winter season has started (at least in Switzerland). It’s time to prepare the coats and winter jackets, boots, gloves and hats.

The good news is that you can be chic even if you wear multiple layers. It is all about proportions!

If you wear blazer under the coat, try to choose the looser version of coat so you do not look like a rugby player. If you wear wider pants, make sure to tuck the top inside the pants and underline your waist with a belt. The big sweaters wear with skinny trousers; tighter pullovers combine with straight or boot-cut jeans and crispy white shirt.

Accessorize! Big, long, “heavy” necklaces feel great in a company of big sweaters.

Do not be afraid also to use the color. I noticed that as soon as winter comes, the streets become sad, depressing, all you see are people in black or grey outfits.

Make sure you add some color to your attire. It can be little colorful scarf fancifully tied, a necklace/ring/earrings in an intensive color, or a handbag that grabs the attention. Do not resign from your favorite colors no matter the season or weather is.

Stylish cocooning

Basic rules
Stylish cocooning


It’s getting chilly outside. This is a sign that it’s high time to stock up cozy pull-overs. For the people with AD this can be quite a challenge because most of them do not support wool. I am one of them. Unfortunately the cotton pull-overs not always are a good solution, as they do not warm me up enough. Thanks God we have cashmere! It is true that it is quite pricy solution but believe me, it is worth the money! Just make sure you invest in a high quality cashmere from the very beginning so you can enjoy it lifetime. When it comes to buy a casmere sweater, follow few rules: 

1. Always invest in 100% cashmere. A pure cashmere garment will be thinner, warmer, and more worth the money you spent. The Federal Trade Commission mandates that cashmere products be accurately labeled. Only pure cashmere sweaters can be labeled “100 Percent Cashmere.” If the sweater is a blend, the manufacturer is required to state the percentage of cashmere and the percentage of other fibers. If you don’t see a tag indicating the fiber content, let it go.

2. Look for items with 2-ply yarn rather than a single strand. This ultimately means more warmth and a stronger sweater that is less likely to pop a hole, and prevents pilling.

3. Get touchy-feely with your cashmere. Quality cashmere will bounce back from your touch and will neither pill nor wrinkle. It is also good to rub the fabric against your neck or under your chin — both sensitive skin spots. Although cashmere gets softer over time, if the fabric is itchy to start, it will continue to irritate your skin as you wear it.

4. Look for a tight knit.The looser the cashmere is woven or knitted, the more suspicious you need to be.

5. When it comes to cashmere, quality is queen. Buy from designers who specialize in cashmere or shop at large department stores that test their merchandise for quality.

6. Clean with care at the reputable dry cleaner.

Monochrome Friday

Off-duty Chic, On-duty Chic
Monochrome Friday

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman chic? There are many things like i.e. the way she moves, talks, her gestures and language, tone of the voice and so on. Among all of them there is also her outfit. I believe that the more toned colour attire is, the more elegant result is. Personally I like monochrome compositions and simple – but not banal – cuts. And trust me, black is not the only color you can wear from head to toe. In fact I rarely wear black due to my condition and never-ending-peeling. There is no harm though because I replaced it with camel and beige. Have a look at this effortless perfect-for-Friday look. Isn’t it classy? 

Have a relaxing weekend!

Stylish chill out

On-duty Chic
Stylish chill out

It’s Friday! Time to slow down and take a deep breath!

Funny thing: do you know that for most of us casual Friday basically means that we can jump in our favorite jeans? I know! I love it too! However today I have a better idea! How about putting a camel dress and wrapping yourself in this beautiful red coat? Then slide your feet into this comfortable suede shoes, take a cross-body bag and tie a little foulard around your neck. Aren’t you look cool?! I bet this outfit is only a sneak peak to a great weekend! Have a lovely rest!

Never drop your standards

Basic rules, On-duty Chic
Never drop your standards

Lately I read an interesting article about Sophia Loren. I had a chance to see countless photos from her youth and the last years, and what struck me the most was her elegance in every situation. Whatever she was/is doing, wherever she was/is spending time, she is always chic and stunning. In fact if you think about it what all the fashion icons (i.e. Audrey Hepburn, Elisabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel) have in common is that they never drop their standards. This reminds me also what Oscar Wilde once said: you can never be overdressed or overeducated. So ladies: never stop learning, and never stop being chic!