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So Chic!

Glasses…It’s funny to see people who do not need them, yet they wear them to look more professional, cool, or/and fashionable. When I was 7 years old and the doctor prescribed me correction glasses, that was the biggest nightmare of my life. I cried my eyes out! First of all because I was a child and no child likes wearing glasses. Second of all because the choice of the frames was very, very poor and I looked horrible…

Thanks God these times are over!

I did have a time when I was glasses-free, but since I love working with pixels, this is a past. But you know what? I like my glasses a lot! They complete my look. I have 3 pairs of glasses (grey, camel, black); each of them have been carefully chosen. I like when they match my outfit so I swap them quite often.

If you want to learn how to choose the glasses to your face shape, have a look at this fantastic Face Shape Guide For Glasses done by Erin Taylor-Mitchell!

Empower yourself

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Empower yourself

We all know that the first (and the second, third, forth and so on)  impression counts. We also know that it is important how you feel in your outfit. Right set of clothes can easily raise your level of confidence, so make sure you invest the right amount of time when you prepare yourself for a long and difficult day. Here is an example how to empower yourself and look feminine in the same time: sleeveless colour block dress pair with a collarless blazer and comfortable flats. Slide in a beautiful ring on your finger, grab a business-like purse and smile! I guarantee that this way even the most difficult meetings become easier.