Real Chic in a Fake Fur

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Real Chic in a Fake Fur

Faux-fur… I have never imagined that one day I will write about this… In fact I have never imagined that I will be writing a blog either.  🙂

Life is unpredictable and this is fantastic!

Speaking about fake fur, I must say that I have never been a fun of this kind of cover-up but this year something snapped in me.

I am not sure what caused this change, but I am happy this is happening, because furs are so classy! To be honest with you, I am very glad the fake furs have been finally noted and appreciated. They look equally elegant as the real one yet they save a lot of lives and do not cause the allergies. Perfect choice for the AD people like me! J

Even if you are not convinced to fake fur now, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. There is so much choice on the market that every girl will find something for herself. You can choose between cropped jackets or long, oversize coats. If you feel this is too much for you to handle, try with the fake fur vest or scarves. They will bring a texture to your outfit.

If you are looking for an on-duty combination, here is an idea: crispy white shirt team with black sleeveless fake fur gilet, pair of black slim jeans and boots. Simple, cozy, and ultra-chic!

And no matter what, remember:

“You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur” – Karl Lagerfeld

Winter jackets worth of investment

Basic rules
Winter jackets worth investment

Believe me or not, winters in Switzerland can be long and quite cold especially in the mountains. Since I am a thermophilic person I decided to invest in a long doudoune Moncler few years ago. Today I can tell you that this was the best investment in my wardrobe ever! Before the purchase, I did a solid research because I wanted to buy a jacket that will keep me warm and serve me well a couple of years.

Here is a mini-guideline for everybody, who wants to invest in a good winter jacket:

1. Choose the right filling for your needs.

Ducks’ or geese’ feathers or down is almost a standard.  Fluff is a soft and fine bird feathers and it has a very good thermal insulation properties. While feathers are the feathers of a bird with fluff. They are heavier and their thermal insulation properties are a bit worse.

Polyester fibers – they are soft, light, dries much faster, are non-allergenic and resistant to mold. However polyester fibers are not as good thermal isolator as down or feathers.  

2. Cut is important

The best known is parka – military style. Great for the weekends and if you have a casual style.

Puffy Coat – I find this fashion not only the most practical but also the most chic. Works very well with dresses and the trousers.  Depending on how you accessorize your outfit, you can easily get the classy, casual or sportive look.

3. Color makes a difference

Since this is a quite an investment therefore stick to the neutral colors like black, navy blue, taupe, beige, grey etc. Neutrals work well with almost all colors and you will not get stuck in the dry cleaner every month.

4. Right size is critical

Trying the jacket once you are wearing a blazer is a very good idea. Make sure the jacket fits well on the shoulders and on the hips. The frequent mistake is to buy a jacket too tight on the hips – the result is always the same: the jacket will pull up itself to the top. Not chic at all!

5. Credible brands specialized in this type of garment:  Moncler, Peek Performance, Canada Goose, Victorinox

 Hope it helps! 

Monochrome Friday

Off-duty Chic, On-duty Chic
Monochrome Friday

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman chic? There are many things like i.e. the way she moves, talks, her gestures and language, tone of the voice and so on. Among all of them there is also her outfit. I believe that the more toned colour attire is, the more elegant result is. Personally I like monochrome compositions and simple – but not banal – cuts. And trust me, black is not the only color you can wear from head to toe. In fact I rarely wear black due to my condition and never-ending-peeling. There is no harm though because I replaced it with camel and beige. Have a look at this effortless perfect-for-Friday look. Isn’t it classy? 

Have a relaxing weekend!