Let’s get shine!

Basic rules, Off-duty Chic
Let's get shine!

Some of you may already know that I am not a trend follower. I prefer invest in timeless classy pieces than in something that will be out of fashion in next few months.

However if I really like a trend and I think it may become a classic or I want to twist my outfit, I buy 1 or 2 trendy pieces. I never spend too much money on it though. Depending on the item, I find a quality of Zara good enough for my needs. Lower quality can ruin your classy look; too expensive piece can ruin your wallet.

Metallic fabric is one of this season’s trend. It is funny yet dangerous trend, because it is very easy to overdo it and end up looking tacky instead of classy. So today I would like to give you few tips how to wear the shiny fabrics in a classy way.

First of all, yes you guessed, less is more. Choose only one metallic item and keep the rest of your attire neutral.

Second of all, keep metallic wardrobe pieces simple and understated.

Third of all, for work choose the fabrics with metallic yarns woven in them rather the shiny ones. They will look much more elegant and less flashy.

Last but not least (advice for girls with skin condition but not only): metallic fabrics reflect the light so I do not recommend to wear them close to your face, because they will highlight any imperfection of your face, therefore rather choose skirt than top.

If you want to buy something timeless yet trendy, I suggest you to buy a pair of nice shiny ballerina flats/pumps or a handbag. With these items you easily upgrade your everyday look and the return on the investment will be much faster. And remember, sharing is caring, so share with me how you shine. 

Empower yourself

Basic rules, On-duty Chic
Empower yourself

We all know that the first (and the second, third, forth and so on)  impression counts. We also know that it is important how you feel in your outfit. Right set of clothes can easily raise your level of confidence, so make sure you invest the right amount of time when you prepare yourself for a long and difficult day. Here is an example how to empower yourself and look feminine in the same time: sleeveless colour block dress pair with a collarless blazer and comfortable flats. Slide in a beautiful ring on your finger, grab a business-like purse and smile! I guarantee that this way even the most difficult meetings become easier. 

Classy duet: beige and white

On-duty Chic
cropped-ribbon-e1403902618564.jpgOn-duty chic - beige & white duet


I love spring and summer! As soon as the first rays of sun appear, I immediately switch to lighter colors. The duet beige and white holds a special place in my heart, because it is sophisticated, fresh and summery. I found this color combo really elegant, therefore these kinds of pieces are not rare in my wardrobe.

I believe you agree with me that this particular set is a quintessence of a good taste and a great balance. The simple yet not boring at all cut of the shirt  and the blazer make this look even more desirable! Oh, and this beige goes well with almost everything, so you will never run out of ideas how to wear it! One more reason why it’s worth to invest in classic pieces! Last but not least: do not forget to roll-up the sleeves of the blazer to look more casual and stylish!