Polish your nails

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Polish your nails


Everybody knows that well-groomed nails is an important part of elegant look. However not everybody knows that this can help to improve the skin condition if you have AD. How come?

Let me tell you about my experiment that I unconsciously started early last year. The weather was not encouraging that day and my mood was down mainly because of exacerbation of AD. I decided to lift my mood up by treating myself with professionally done manicure. I already felt better knowing that a specialist will take care of my hands for me and make them a bit more beautiful. I did not even have to explain my disease as my beautician accurately guessed my ailment. I felt ecstatic when I was choosing the color of my nails. I opted for a pink sand varnish that was discreet, classy, and universal. It turned to be a right choice as the final result was beyond my expectations. Finally I did not have to hide my hands behind my back or in the pockets. Few days later I noticed also a side effect of this treat. My skin started healing and it was not because I stopped scratching. The reason was that when I was scratching, I was not damaging my skin and this is because the gel nails are thicker and blunter than the natural ones hence it is impossible to injure yourself. This was one of the best gifts I have ever offered myself. I have not only had beautiful hands, but I also unintentionally found a way to help my skin get better. Since then I have been doing the professional manicure and pedicure on a regular basis (every 5-6 weeks) and I noticed a huge improvement on my skin. I scratched myself much less because I do not want to destroy well-done nails.

Another good news is that you can achieve a similar effect with just a professionally done manicure. When you see how beautiful hands you have, you will never want to ruin it by scratching.


Effortlessly Chic Maxi Dresses

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Effortlessly Chic Maxi Dresses


Have you ever thought how to look effortlessly chic when it’s hot and your legs are swollen so much that you can’t fit the jeans you wore a week ago?

This happened to me this summertime. The problem of water retention is not new to me but this year it has shown a new (puffy ;)) face.

And although whole my body was swollen and my face was round and puffy like a full moon, I found a way to look effortlessly chic and feel comfortable even in the hottest day of the year. How? Please let me share with you my secret weapon: maxi long dress. Believe me, there is nothing more gorgeous and feminine than an ethereal maxi dress! I find it very romantic and glamorous. And no, long dresses are not only for skinny, tall models with incredibly long legs.

I strongly believe than every woman despite the body shape can look gorgeous in a maxi dress as long as she is respecting some rules.

The rule of thumb is to keep the right proportions. Choose a full-length dress that fits well your body especially around hips, thighs, and waist. Opt for maxi dresses with a v-neck in natural colors as they will make you look taller and leaner. If you want more variety, choose the prints that are scaled to your body size.

Naturally long, vertical prints are the most favorable for the body, as they have a great elongating and slimming down effect. Be careful with color blocks – they may make you look shorter and wider.

I’m not very tall, but I’m not a pettite either (171cm) and I love wearing my maxi dresses with ballerinas or simple elegant sandals. However if you want to add yourself few more cm you can wear the maxi dresses with pumps, espadrilles, or high-heeled sandals.

With the right accessories you can create a look you want, but always keep in mind that “less is more”.

Hands up who else is a maxi dress lover?

Top shopping tips every chic women should know

Basic rules

I have with my friend this tradition to go once per year for a girlie weekend somewhere in Europe. Since we live in different cities and both of us have quite busy lives, the girlie weekend is a great solution. We can focus on girlie stuff that make us happy (shopping), catch up with what is going on in our lives, and all without feeling guilty that we do not focus on kids, partners, schools, houses and so on. The rule is very simple: the destination city must be other than the one we are living in. This helps us to relax and disconnect from daily routine. 

This year it happens that we went to Mendrisio – a little lovely city in Italian part of Switzerland. Apart from its historic and cultural values, there is another reason why people (especially women :)) love this place: the FoxTown Factory stores. There are about 160 stores covering 250 brands, most of them are focused on fashion, but the home and watch lovers will also find something for themselves.

Speaking of shopping, I would like to share with you some tips that will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and save your wallet/account from drought.

First thing: do not get fooled by discounts. Buy only if you need the piece. Spending money on something that you will not wear, will not make you happy. When you try the clothes, make sure to follow these easy top shopping tips (source: stylecaster.com)

 In case you are not really in shopping mood, the region offers tons of other attractions like i.e. Switzerland in miniature, which is only 12 km from Mendrisio. I look forward to going there with my daughter one day, but for now I look forward to my girlie weekend.

And what are your shopping tips?

Stylish coming back to school

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Stylish come back to school

I’m back! First of all please accept my sincere apologies for silence through the last two weeks. It’s a bit busy as I started my specialised MBA, hence apart from full-time work, and 3-year-old, who suddenly became huge hugs’ lover, I have tons of studying. But I don’t complain; in fact my energy level has never been higher. Hm, what will I do with so much energy? Oh, I know! I am gonna use it (before it vanishes:))! I am starting from drafting my editorial plan so you won’t be left without the post ever again. I am also catching up with some reading. Through months if not years, I managed to gather a nice collection of books that I always wanted to read, but never have enough time to do this. Now, thanks to some travels linked to my MBA, there is a chance to sort this out. In fact there are some of books that became my life bibles and I am not afraid to recommend them. So if you want to read something but you do not know what to read, here are some positions worth of your time :

– “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie

– “Career advice for ambitious women” by Mrs. Monneypenny

– “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath

and something more relaxing:

– “Madame Chic” – by Jennifer L. Scott.

Enjoy your reading!

Travel light

Basic rules
Travel light

In my previous post I revealed how I select the pieces for the trips. Today I would like to give you some tips how to pack in order to travel light.

Of course, you won’t be able to always travel with little luggage. The size of the luggage depends on various criteria, i.e.:

– the length of trip,

– the destination,

– the purpose of travel (formal, informal etc.)

– season of the year, and so on.

I would like to focus on the trips up-to 2 weeks. For this kind of trips you will be able to prepare a cabin-size luggage. How to pack? It is simpler than you think. I use the part with the net and zipper for the clothes and the other one for shoes, toiletries, chargers and all “harder” items etc. I use smaller and softer items likes socks, scarves etc to fill in the free spaces between the items or to block and protect other objects. I always pack the shoes in the cotton bags on the bottom of the luggage, and place the bigger toiletries next to it. This way the more delicate items won’t be crashed by the heavier ones when the luggage stands on the wheels.

Additionally, I roll on all the pieces that can get crumpled (shirts, blouses, dresses etc), and take them out from the luggage and hang them on the hangers as soon as I arrive to your destination.

Tip: When I travel I often try to choose the clothes that don’t wrinkle. It is more practical, especially during the business trip. However I have quite few pieces that require ironing no matter what. I am doing this in the hotel before going to bed. Most of the hotels are equipped with the iron nowadays, so this is not a big problem. Voila! This is all what you need to travel light!

Bon voyage!

Evening Glamour – Jewelry

Basic rules
Evening Glamour - Jewelry
Usually evening glamour is about shining and magic. Although finding the right balance in the evening look can be tricky, there are little tricks that can help you to manage this aspect.

First of all decide on the statement piece of your look. If it is a dress, then choose more delicate jewelry. If the evening attire is more modest, then you can wear more pieces of bijou. However do not forget that sometimes one breathtaking piece is all you need.

At all cost avoid wearing more than 2 pieces of bijou at a time. It will look too excessive. If you have a jewelry set, consisting of a bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings, follow the rule of thumb: earrings + ring, earrings + bracelet, or necklace+ ring.

Make also sure your accessories (clutch, shoes) are in line with the rest of your look. If they are your statement pieces, make sure you ditch the other bling.

Finally, always take into consideration your age, height, and the build, when you choose the jewelry. If you want to draw attention away from the neck area, look for longer necklaces. If your neck is wide, you can offset it by wearing graduated necklaces. Girls with a bony neck and chest should consider more multiple-strands necklaces.

To sum up, whatever you wear for your glamorous night out, make sure you feel comfortable and the proportions are right.

Enjoy your Christmas break and let me know what else would you add to this list!